Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today I realized something very important about myself. I am a stress eater. Somehow, between two of my classes, I managed to find the biggest rice krispie treat ever and proceeded to eat it all. The cause is currently unknown. I decided to blame it on stress because I hate to think of myself as someone with little self-control. Gotta love self-denial, right?

I had the funniest experience that just made me realize how stereotypical life can be sometimes. I was sitting in the Science building, minding my own buisness and studying. All of a sudden, I realize that I am the only girl in the whole room, which had at least twenty people studying in it. I just had to chuckle, especially because if I had had my choice, I would not have been in the science building either. Interesting.


  1. That was probably one of the yummiest Rice Krispie treats that I have ever eaten! I think that the napkin attached to the bottom added something special :)

  2. You know, thats funny because I'm the exact opposite these days. Food is the last thing I want when I'm freaking out.

    And also that rice kirspie treat totally doesn't count anyway becaue rice krispies are delicious and are bascially made of air to boot. : p