Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Want a Wife

It's been a while since I have written anything. College just kind of takes over my life. Especially lately. Though you probably don't want to hear about my problems. Your mind is probably stuck on the title of this post. I will say it again just for extra emphasis... I want a Wife!

In my English class, we are talking about Feminism. And although this is one of my favorite topics ever, I find it hard to get through the 40-page essays on how the pen is like a particular male reproductive organ. Not exactly my kind of subject matter. However, we have been reading really, really good material lately. There is one essay, by Chodorow, that I think particularly relates to feminism and life and consequently everything.

Chodorow says that males grow up, traditionally, in a family unit where they are being raised by women. So to establish the gender differences and masculine identity, males begin to equate what they should be with what their mother isn't. This simple fact explains so much because then males grow up thinking that their identity and ways to identify with others has to do with difference, stemming from their identity as different from their mothers. This is the cause of male competitiveness and interest in violence and sports. Interesting, right? And women are traditionally raised by mothers so they relate to their mother on a fundamental level that makes them relate to the world by similarity, not difference.

This class makes me think of so many new and interesting things that I have never thought of before. It makes life more exciting, believe me. In that class we also read an essay by Judy Brady called...

I Want a Wife

I put a link to it here because I think that it's so funny and in some cases, very true. So read and enjoy. Keep in mind, though, that it was written in 1971. So use your own judgement to see if you think it rings true or not.

So I was sitting in my astronomy class today and we watched this video news clip about how there was a huge meteor that crossed the earth's path last night and the whole sky lit up for like five seconds. I remember seeing the same thing last night but thinking that it was a car passing or lightening...even though the sky was clear. I just must have been really, really tired. Which is understandable considering that I only got three hours of sleep the night before. I love college.

One more thing. Last night, when I was very likely delirious from ice cream, fun and lack of sleep, I found theme songs for everyone in my dorm. My theme song is this one... don't be scared by the artists(if you can call them that) because the song is perfect!

I don't need a man
By: The Pussycat Dolls

My other room mate's was She Wolf by Shakira. It's good stuff.
Great week ahead! I'm going to Disneyland for Thanksgiving! The happiest place on earth! I am stoked.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Facebook and Halloween

So I started writing these lists a during last November and just finished them...and have decided to share them with the world. But don't read too much into them, or do. They can be very telling.

For some reason, this weekend I have been thinking in terms of ten...
Ten things I could have done differently, ten things I hate about cell phones, ten things I do not want to do, and ten chick flicks that I love. I decided to share what these would be because this semester has had many...and I mean MANY ups and downs.

Top Ten Things I Could Have Done Differently
1. Decided what I want before I need to act on that decision
2. Never gotten facebook in the first place. It is addicting and bad for me.
3. Not procrastinated till the last minute
4. Kept in touch with some people from my past
5. Gone to bed three hours earlier so I am able to function to morrow morning
6. Cleaned my dishes when I used them...instead of four days later
7. Not messed everything up
8. Not gotten attached to something that couldn't last
9. Started some of my school projects a few weeks earlier
10. Not eaten that last chocolate chip cookie

Top Ten Things I Hate About Cell Phones
1. They are impersonal
2. I can hide behind them so easily
3. They frequently run out of battery(which is very inconvenient)
4. Sometimes they decide to forget about texts you get
5. People think that they can talk to you about serious things over it...which is not cool
6. When I wait for a text from someone, all I can do is wait for it beside my phone. It is attached to me by the hip.
7. Somehow I end up thinking about that said text more than anything else. It is not healthy.
8. Cell phones are just one more thing that you have to make sure is with you at all times. It's inconvenient.
9. Along with being annoying and time-consuming it has to always be updated to the current style and type(which keeps on betting more expensive every day).
10. And last but not least...they take money. Lots and lots of money. They are like the cookie monster...except they eat my dollars instead. They have bottomless stomachs.

Top Ten Things I Do Not Want To Do
1. Confront things that scare me.
2. Get bad grades this semester(which is a very real possibility, btw. Colleve is hard!)
3. Study. Ever.
4. Get less than seven hours of sleep, but it always seems to happen.
5. Worry about classes for next semester
6. Have to worry about money. It is just one more thing to add to the long list.
7. Face the cold wind every morning...or the cold snow for that matter. Ick.
8. Look back on my actions and realize my mistakes.
9. Exercise when I am tired and feeling icky.
10. Eat healthy when I see that ice cream in the freezer. Stupid metabolism!

Top Ten Movies EVER (in no particular order, except the first one)
1. Lord of the Rings
2. Casablanca
3. Pride and Prejudice (A&E version)
4. Mulan
5. Dark Knight
6. Zoolander
7. Batman Begins
8. North and South
9. She's the Man
10. Gladiator