Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Want a Wife

It's been a while since I have written anything. College just kind of takes over my life. Especially lately. Though you probably don't want to hear about my problems. Your mind is probably stuck on the title of this post. I will say it again just for extra emphasis... I want a Wife!

In my English class, we are talking about Feminism. And although this is one of my favorite topics ever, I find it hard to get through the 40-page essays on how the pen is like a particular male reproductive organ. Not exactly my kind of subject matter. However, we have been reading really, really good material lately. There is one essay, by Chodorow, that I think particularly relates to feminism and life and consequently everything.

Chodorow says that males grow up, traditionally, in a family unit where they are being raised by women. So to establish the gender differences and masculine identity, males begin to equate what they should be with what their mother isn't. This simple fact explains so much because then males grow up thinking that their identity and ways to identify with others has to do with difference, stemming from their identity as different from their mothers. This is the cause of male competitiveness and interest in violence and sports. Interesting, right? And women are traditionally raised by mothers so they relate to their mother on a fundamental level that makes them relate to the world by similarity, not difference.

This class makes me think of so many new and interesting things that I have never thought of before. It makes life more exciting, believe me. In that class we also read an essay by Judy Brady called...

I Want a Wife

I put a link to it here because I think that it's so funny and in some cases, very true. So read and enjoy. Keep in mind, though, that it was written in 1971. So use your own judgement to see if you think it rings true or not.

So I was sitting in my astronomy class today and we watched this video news clip about how there was a huge meteor that crossed the earth's path last night and the whole sky lit up for like five seconds. I remember seeing the same thing last night but thinking that it was a car passing or lightening...even though the sky was clear. I just must have been really, really tired. Which is understandable considering that I only got three hours of sleep the night before. I love college.

One more thing. Last night, when I was very likely delirious from ice cream, fun and lack of sleep, I found theme songs for everyone in my dorm. My theme song is this one... don't be scared by the artists(if you can call them that) because the song is perfect!

I don't need a man
By: The Pussycat Dolls

My other room mate's was She Wolf by Shakira. It's good stuff.
Great week ahead! I'm going to Disneyland for Thanksgiving! The happiest place on earth! I am stoked.

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