Sunday, September 13, 2009

My First Post

I am told that everyone who is anyone has a blog now, so how could I resist? This is also a very handy way of procrastinating homework that I have no desire to do. Facebook only works for so long.
So, I have been slaving over reading about three pages of this criticism of Karl Marx. It should not take me more than an hour to read it, yet I have been sitting at this computer for at least three hours. And this is not the first day that I have tried to read it. So here is an example of a sentence from the text, just so you can see the monstrosity that is my English homework:

" In the later twentieth century there is the notion of 'homologous structure', where there may be no direct or easily apparent similarity and certainly nothing like reflection or reproduction, between the superstructural process and the reality of the base, but in which there is an essential homology or correspondence of structures, which can be discovered by analysis."

Now if you only had to read that once, you are a genious. I certainly spent a good twenty minutes on that particular paragraph.

So I made Peanut Butter cups today. My blog is called Cookie Dough Carols for a good reason, as you will soon find out. I probably have eaten more sugar and ice cream in these two weeks that I have been at college than in the whole past year. I can just feel the freshman 15 looming over my head. Peanut butter cups were some of the desserts that I have made in the last two weeks that were all gone by the end of the night. There is no saving things for least, not in my apartment. I love the recipe, though, for my peanut butter cups. Only three simple ingredients are needed: Peanut butter, chocolate chips and powdered sugar. How can you go wrong, right? Cooking is always a little interesting in college because you never have quite what you need. It leaves room for a lot of improvisation, which is fun, but it sometimes turns out a little wierd. That's ok, though. Just adds character, right?

Well, this has been a lovely first post. Many more to come, hopefully!

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