Sunday, September 27, 2009


College. Where you are expected to simultaneously be rebellious, get good grades, hang out with people, take tons of tests, hang out at dance clubs, hang out in the library and also be meeting new people. And since I am at BYU, I could add that we are also supposed to be looking for our future spouses. It is just crazy. How am I supposed to do it all? Not to mention all of the school activities: football games, tailgate parties, church activities. I don't know how anyone graduates alive from this place. As I write this post at 12:45 in the morning. These expectations are going to kill me. I guess I will see how I do as I take my first big test on Tuesday. I will let you all know, but only, of course, if I get a good grade. If not, any mention of a test will be suspiciously absent from this blog.

Don't get me wrong, college is fun. It just seems like a never-ending stream of homework and fun events. How is one lone teenager supposed to do it all? I am just trying to stay afloat. My dad put a little guilt trip on me the other day when he told me that I was worrying my mother. I guess that's what I get, right? I am happy to announce to her that I have been studying my tail off. If I get a bad grade, it is because I don't know anything and I should quit college and become a plumber or something. And just to not be stereotypical, I am sure that plumbing takes skills, it just won't take any astronomy skills (the subject that I have a test in).

So, I thought that I would just give myself that little plug so my parents will know to STOP WORRYING! I read an interesting book on least part of it. I skipped the middle because I got a little bored. It was called 'Hunger Games'. It was an interesting book. It was about a society that takes one boy and one girl from each 'territory' every year and makes them fight to the death on national television. One might wonder why they do this. It is because the government wants the people to know who is in charge. One might think that the concept is kind of gruesome but it was nothing compared what we are reading in English. It is a short story called 'the Lottery'. This story is a lot shorter but somehow more shocking and disturbing, with all of its implications on human nature, society and such. I would recommend the book 'Hunger Games'. It is a fast read and is pretty entertaining. It is just hard to enjoy when I start analyzing the Hegemony and ideology of the government. My English class has taken all of the joy out of a good fantasy/scifi teen novel. How will I ever recover!

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  1. Adrienne.....stop freaking out. Now. Right now. Just stop. I can barely keep myself sane and all I really worry about are grades. I go to UTD, so my chances at achieving a social life are automatically shot to you-know-where. I want friends. I want then desperately. But I don't know how to get them and it's better to just not worry about it. I'm pretty sure you're doing much better than me at balancing things anyway. One step at a time! *heart*